Study Shows Entrepreneurs Are Highly Thought Of

Study Shows Entrepreneurs Are Highly Thought Of - South Florida business broker

Study Shows Entrepreneurs Are Highly Thought Of

South Florida business broker Ron Ginsburg works with entrepreneurs who are young and old, male and female. There are those who work with their hands and those who spend the day in front of their computers.  Whether they are looking to buy our sell a business in Florida, these individuals never cease to earn Ron’s respect. 

The Palm Beach business brokers at Atlantic Business Realty aren’t the only ones who think highly of entrepreneurs, however. 

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor United States Report 

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), launched by Babson College and the London Business School in 1999, was the first and remains the only organization to measure annually the entrepreneurial ecosystem worldwide. The creation of GEM and its subsequent reporting demonstrates the importance of entrepreneurs – in terms of their social impact as well as their economic impact. 

The GEM USA 2017 Report, the most recent available, revealed a number of interesting findings in terms of our attitudes toward entrepreneurship:

  • Among Americans, 64% believe there are good opportunities for starting a business near where they live, the highest level reported since GEM’s first survey in 1999. Adults age 18–64 in the United States are more likely to perceive opportunities than their peers across societies at a similar development level. 
  • Among Americans, 63% believe that entrepreneurship is a good career choice…It is especially significant that the majority of Americans consider entrepreneurship a viable or attractive career since the 2017 economy was prosperous, and Americans had a variety of alternative job choices. 
  • One-third of Americans state they personally know an entrepreneur. The abundance of entrepreneurs provides visibility and also inspiration in terms of serving as role models and advisors and other supportive functions.
  • Among the U.S. adult population, 75% believe that entrepreneurs receive high status in society, a higher figure than the average of the 23 innovation-driven economies; and almost 75% think media attention for entrepreneurs is positive, a figure also higher than the average of the 23 innovation-driven economies. Positive societal attitudes such as these contribute to a culture that celebrates and supports entrepreneurs. 

If you would like more information about entrepreneurial opportunities in South Florida, please contact Palm Beach business broker Ron Ginsburg of Atlantic Business Realty today.

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