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Welcome to Atlantic Business Realty, a Florida Commercial Realty  licensed Palm Beach and South Florida Business Brokerage. Atlantic Business Realty is a boutique Business Broker, dedicated to providing outstanding personal brokerage services to help you buy or sell a Palm Beach Business – serving all of South Florida.

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Atlantic Business Realty is a premier Palm Beach Business Broker and SE Florida’s most trusted Business Brokerage

…calling on  Ron Ginsburg’s 25 years of sales management positions with Xerox, DuPont and Georgia Pacific.  Ron also operated and sold a very successful printing company in Florida. To broker a business, one needs to have experience in running and selling his own business. Ron Ginsburg’s hands-on business entrepreneurial experience is the pre-requisite for any business sales intermediary, but years of experience, on the street, in the unique local business climate of Palm beach, Dade and Broward Counties is a must for a successful business sale


Sell A Palm Beach Business / Sell A South Florida Business

To sell a Palm business, or any business in Dade or Broward counties, you need a seasoned local business broker, not one working out of New York, etc. SE Florida has its own rhythm and flow. Ron Ginsburg and associates have been South Florida  brokers for decades and understand the people. The Atlantic Business Realty team uses the latest available marketing tools available, including conventional and digital/online options.

Atlantic Business Realty’s South Florida business brokerage team can guide you through the labyrinth of transferring the ownership of a business – small, medium or large. Ron Ginsburg’s Palm Beach Business Broker Team can remove the stress when you decide to sell a South Florida Business – likely the biggest investment of your life. Don’t go it alone, let Atlantic Business Realty sell a South Florida Business for you!

Seller Confidentiality

Loss of confidentiality can severely damage a business’s sale value. When word gets out of an impending sale, you risk a flight of both employees and customer base. Fear of the unknown can critically wound an in-progress sale. The older and more established the business, the greater the risk of employee and customer panic. Atlantic Business Realty realizes this critical factor and takes every precaution, like non-disclosure agreements from prospective buyers and confidential meetings between seller and buyer. With so many years in business, Atlantic Business Realty has a well-rehearsed approach to confidential transfers of business ownership.

South Florida Business Valuation

Most business owners know the exact value of their home, but most are also clueless about the value of their business. Skillful, professional business valuation is the key to a successful sale. Over valuation by the owner is the most common mistake. An overvalued business may sit on the shelf for years, an undervalued business will sell quickly and beat the seller out of a well-deserved reward for what may be a lifetime of hard work. This is where a locally savvy South Florida Business broker will earn his commission. To sell a South Florida Business, you must first establish a sales price that is both fair to the seller and attractive to the prospective buyer. A successful business sale must leave both the buyer and seller walking away satisfied.

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