Selling A Business


Sell a Florida Business: 5 Tips To Successfully Sell a Business

1. Hire an experienced business broker to save you time and money

Choosing the right Florida Business Broker to value and market your business is paramount in the successful sale of your business. Because of the confidentiality and process involved, it is important that you work with a Florida Business Broker that has the knowledge, experience, integrity and proven results to guide you through this process. A seasoned business broker can analyze your business operations, finances and market potential to help quickly sell a Florida Business.

2. Get a business valuation for realistic pricing and terms that can represent an attractive investment

The most crucial step in a successful business sale is getting a realistic opinion of value. Accurate pricing is determined with many tools; such as current market conditions, trends, business multiple listing services past sales data and other proprietary resources which all help determine an opinion of value. An outside independent third party appraisal can also be an option for many larger businesses.

3. Providing clean books and records for due diligence will increase sales value.

An organized business generally sells quicker and for more value than a business whose records are not as complete. Most offers are contingent upon the inspection of all aspects of the business operation, including all financial records. It is very important that all business financial documents be current, available and organized. A business broker will help you organize your records in order to smooth out the due diligence process leading to a successful sale.

4. Creative marketing campaigns can quickly achieve your exit goals

In this very competitive market place, maximum confidential marketing exposure of your business to qualified prospective buyers will help sell your business more rapidly. An experienced business broker will package creative marketing campaigns that are effectively tailored for your business through a variety of available business broker resources to help enhance the sale.

5. Skilled sales negotiation can expedite the closing insuring a smooth transaction and transition.

Most business sales require a considerable amount of negotiation to reach a fair agreement to both seller and buyer. Preparations of sales documents; working with accountants, attorneys; and landlords and arranging financing are some of the requirements for an expedited business transaction. An experienced and knowledgeable Florida Business Broker will provide these services to insure a smooth business transition.

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